The Crowns of Advertising

The “Crowns of advertisingcontest – a great opportunity to distinguish and promote the best companies in various sectors of the advertising industry:
• Gifts
• Sign&Visual
• Tech
• Print

The prizes are awarded in each category to the best companies selected by a vote of industry representatives. In each category the winners will be honored with a Crown of Advertising statuette for obtaining, respectively, the highest total number of votes.


I. General information
1) The contest is organized by the Advertising and Printing Trade Fair RemaDays Kiev 2018 which
is organized by the company GJC International Sp. z o.o. sp. k.
2) As part of the contest prizes known as the “Crowns of Advertising” are awarded in four contest
• Gifts
• Sign&Visual
• Tech
• Print
3) As a result of the vote 3 main prizes will be awarded in each category (for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd
4) Promotion of the contest winners
Information about the winners of the contest will be disseminated in the advertising community
through a newsletter sent to the entire database of the Organizer and with the informational support
of the media patrons. The results of the contest will be published on the
5) In the case of circumstances beyond their control (in particular such as: force majeure, decisions
of government authorities), the Organizer reserves the right to make changes in the course of the
Contest, its terms and conditions, and the individual rules of its conduct, in order to preserve their
ability to effectively conduct the Contest, without prior consultation and compensation.

II. Contest Submissions
1) Deadline for submissions to the contest: 12.12.2017 – 31.01.2018.
2) Only the exhibitors of the RemaDays Kiev 2018 trade fair are entitled to participate in the
3) The participants will register to the contest by filling out the form posted on the website, which contains the following fields:
– company logo
– company name
– company description (up to 500 characters)
– contest category in which the company wants to compete for the Crown of Advertising prize
– data of the contact person authorized to register the company to the contest: name and surname,
telephone number, email address
4) Each contest participant may only take part in one contest category.

III. Voting
1) The voting will take place from 5.02 to 26.02.2018.
2) Only the representatives of companies registered in the Contest Organizer’s database are
authorized to vote. They shall be informed about the Contest and the voting rules in the electronic
form, i.e. in newsletters and e-mails sent to the Organizer’s entire advertising industry database and
in advertising industry media cooperating with the Contest Organizer.
3) Each company entitled to vote will receive an email sent by the Contest organizer, containing a
unique link to the online voting form on the website.
4) The dedicated Internet link only enables one-time voting for each authorized company.
5) Each company entitled to vote may cast votes for any number of companies in any contest
6) The 1st place and the statuette of the Crown of Advertising will be awarded to the company
which receives the highest number of votes in the given category.
The 2st place and the statuette of the Crown of Advertising will be awarded to the company which
receives the second highest number of votes in the given category.
The 3rd place and the statuette of the Crown of Advertising will be awarded to the company which
receives the third highest number of votes in the given category.
7) The Crown of Advertising statuette will be awarded during the RemaDays Kiev 2018 trade fair.
8) Any disputes will be settled by the Organizer.

Gifts category

1st place: Integra Gifts

2nd place: E-Souvenir

3rd place: Kievskaja Rus

Sign&Visual category

1st place: Plastiks Ukraina

2nd place: Branaldi

3rd place: SHNUROK UA

Tech category

1st place: SPYOUTDOOR

2nd place: Shulce Poliform

3rd place: Technograf

Print category:

1st place: CV Druk

2nd place: Gammagrafik Ltd.

3rd place: Pak Print