Technical services

Please be advised that the system for ordering technical services will be launched in January 2018.
The exhibitors will receive an email containing a unique link to a form which should be filled out in accordance with their needs.

The deadline for the submission of orders for additional technical services expires on 23 February 2018. In case you have not received a link to the form or if you have any other questions, please contact us at:

The following prices are valid for orders placed until 23 February 2018. After the expiry of this deadline the Organizer does not guarantee the possibility of ordering the following services.

The cost for the services ordered after 23-rd of February will increase by 100 %.





220 W to 2,5 kW

380 W to 10 kW

380 W to 30 kW

30 EUR

95 EUR

130 EUR

Water supply

Price for 2 days of the trade fair
75 EUR


Cleaning is performed at night and includes the vacuuming of floors and emptying of the rubbish bin.

2 EUR/ 1m2/ day

Price for 2 days of the trade fair

512 kb/s

1 Mb/s

2 Mb/s

25 EUR

30 EUR

35 EUR

Rigging point

1 point (weight up to 20 kg)

1 point (weight from 21 kg to 100 kg)

1 point (weight over 100 kg)

30 EUR

55 EUR

80 EUR

All given prices are net prices.