Why choose us?

Why choose us?

The Advertising and Printing Trade Fairs RemaDays Kiev is the real advertising fest!

We are pround, and at the same time thankful for the trust that has been placed in us. Of course we count on continuing the cooperation with the companies we already know, while for those who are not yet familiar with the RemaDays trade fair we have gathered a number of reasons showing why is it worth it to join us:


  • The RemaDays Kiev trade fair is a great opportunity to mark or strenghten your position on the market among a large number of potential clients, also in comparison with foreign exhibitors. Apart from presenting your offer at the stand, you can also take advantage of additional forms of promotion in order to increase the impact of your actions.
  • Trade fair is a great occasion to get to know the clients' expectations. Collected opinions can prove to be priceless when introducing changes and adjustments to products serving your customers.
  • The place where the event takes place should also be a considerable encouragment for coming to the RemaDays Kiev – Ukraine capital is its marketing center concentrating the biggest number of the trade specialists which allows you to broaden the scope of your reach.


  • RemaDays Kiev is a forum for exchanging experiences, a source of information and a great opportunity for networking, regardless of your role during the show.
  • A substantial advantage stemming from participation in the fair are the prizes given to exhibitors in a number of categories of the contests Gifts of the Year and Crowns of Advertising. Being a laureate will definitely strenghten your professional image and help you build long-lasting relationships with clients based on trust.
  • RemaDays is much more than just a showcase of products and services. Thanks to its multi-level character it draws professionals from different sectors of the advertising trade, which allows for a direct exchange of knowledge, experiences and establishing business relationships.
  • The free RemaCongress is a series of lectures devoted to innovative solutions from the trade of advertising and production of ads.


  • RemaDays Kiev is a forum for exchanging experiences, a source of information and a great opportunity for networking, regardless of your role during the show.
  • Visitors interested in gaining new business partners during the trade show have an opportunity for convenient comparison of a large number of offers at the same time and place. An additional advantage is surely the chance to see the product and service novelties.
  • Thanks to the presence of representatives of the four trade sectors in one place (Out&InDoorSystems, GiftsWorld, TechnologyPark, PrintShow) one can easily gain composite information which will facilitate the development of your business towards printing, ways of presenting ads or promotional gifts.


  • Kiev as a marketing center of Ukraine is a guarantee that you will find yourselves among the best specialists and the gathered information and experiences will be first-hand.
  • The RemaDays Kiev 2016 trade fair is scheduled for 6-7 April 2016, which means that one can actively begin the year by visiting the exhibition and acquainting with the newest solutions in the business. The gathered knowledge and experiences can help in introducing changes needed so much for better adjustment to the market and closing a year with a positive balance.
  • The RemaCongress which is also free for visitors is an opportunity to collect valuable first-hand knowledge, coming from practicians of the advertising trade.
  • The annual lottery with valuable prizes for visitors is scheduled to take place, so advantages stemming from participation in our exhibition also take more physical form.


Summing up, there is a number advantages stemming from your presence at the RemaDays Kiev. During three days a meeting of professionals from Ukraine and abroad, active in the widely understood advertising trade, takes place. The newest products, services and solutions are presented, which allows exhibitors and visitors to compare and choose the most gainful offer. Participating in the show is a great opportunity to exchange experiences, gain expert knowledge or strike a business partnership in the fields of production and distribution of promotional articles or machines' supply.

Our Address:
The International Exhibition Center in Kiev
Prospekt Browarskoj 15
Kiev – 02660





9th edition, 6-7 March 2018

Opening hours for visitors:

6 March 2018 10.00 a.m. - 5.00 p.m

7 March 2018 10.00 a.m. - 5.00 p.m